still tired.

headed down to the Makan Place, like finally, after morning lecture today. haha. i swear the place is awesome! Ngee Ann kids nowadays are really having good life i tell you.. but we, being just next to them, get to enjoy this facility a year too, before we bid the place goodbye. *grins*

marcom lecture today was pretty good, i’m glad. but i still don’t quite understand why everyone else, besides me, has so much to write on their notes; my notes just look damn new! and i have this i-can’t-sleep-tonight feeling because after begging with althea for so long, she still refuses to let me be completely off the lecture announcement thingy tmr. i swear this is going to be my first and last time doing it because i REALLY DETEST public speaking..

note to self: it just takes 30 seconds the most; just breathe in, relax, breathe out, speak. yes yes yes, i can do it.

and mummy baked pineapple tarts today! okay, i know they don’t really look like TARTS but i still like calling them tarts. not really pretty but who cares, i just love home-baked stuffs. *grins* rights, and if you realised, i’m not claiming any credits this time round because i only helped bringing these little delicacies in and out of the oven. was busy rushing some other stuffs that are marked as URGENT on my to-do list.

on a side note, i never log on to mobtv at all today! what an achievement.. BUT, i’ve got a confession to make; i’m guilty of day-dreaming during business ethics lecture and leaving at break time. and and and… i’d need to do the same for marcom lecture on Friday. but well, for GOOD and VALID purposes though. *laughs* well, at least i know babe is as guilty as me! so it pretty much justifies my sin. hahahaha.

i so hate deadlines.