from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon. we went from wet to dry to wet to dry to wet and dry again. *laughs* sounds wrong? okay, put it simpler. we swam, went to sauna, up for lunch, down for squash, dried our sweats, back to swim, and sauna to dry again. hahaha. and it was like, from cold to hot to cold to hot to…. and the list goes on..

lunch mama wu cooked for me! fried rice with eggs and potatoes. both my favourite. teehee. aunty always treat me well. i get free lunch everytime i go there. heh. (:

bought a new grip and thankyous to skye and zhengjie for changing it for me! like finally, my hands won’t turn black anymore when i play squash. but hmm… this new grip gives off this weird glitter thingy so now my hands turn glittery instead. OH WELL…

at the playground when the guys were squashing.

we went for a swim again after the guys left and damn the dark clouds. we were contemplating whether to try our luck, and thinking it won’t rain, we set off for the pool. just minutes after we got down, the drizzle started getting heavier and before you know it, it poured. hahah. oh well, at least i set foot and body into the 1.5m pool for the first time! boy, am i proud of myself. *laughs* nopes fion, don’t worry, i can’t swim yet. but now, i can float more confidently.. heh.

my sexy instructress and our wet clothes. nopes, not wet from the swim but wet from the rain. we left it on the benches while we continued swimming in the rain before the guard asked us to come up. heh.

oh, on a side note, i helped my racquet apply for PR @ g’s place. now it’s living with its new whitey friend and a couple of other g’s properties. hope it’s going to have better nights compared to when it’s hanging alone in my store room. don’t worry racquet, i’ll visit you again next week and hopefully every week from then on. till then, don’t miss me! HAHAH.

PS: i think i need a pair of running shoes. maybe a set of swimming costume or sports wear too. seems like it’s the start of a healthy lifestyle. but yea yea yea, just hope this exercise thingy will not die out too soon… hurhur.

how should i feel?