my colourful world.

after almost a year of shooting, i’ve finally finished the two rolls of slide films i bought probably last May. so yup, a couple of outdated photos are in it as well. nevertheless, i still had them processed because i have to see the results of my trial usage! so yup, had them done today and well, not too bad. now i know that indoor shots are 100% not possible even if it’s really bright. (:

cross-processed the 2 rolls at Grace Digital Lab and i must say it’s really cheap! compared to all other shops i called to enquire, i think they have the best price. i don’t know why people always recommend places like Triple D and Ruby because their prices are like double of Grace’s. but well, maybe their quality is better? not too sure but i’m pretty much satisfied by mine. alr. heh.

some of my favourite shots from the rolls. all other visible shots are uploaded to my FB album. you can view them here if you’re interested. time to buy more slide films of different brands to try them all out! heh.

on a side note, the doll, which has been with me for about half a year, has finally came off from her position. i kinda miss the bell sounds when i shake my phone around. still the adorable smile, no signs of fatigue. haha. but i guess, you can already see the colour on her hair wearing off. oh well. back to a plain old phone. maybe i should try to find out where i threw my stylus to…

and today, having a free day because of the postponed orientation, g and i decided to go on a phototherapy trip! so yups, borrowed the DSLR from ben and thankyous plenty for being so generous! it’s really nice of him to agree so readily because most people treat their cameras like treasure and will definitely not lend it to anyone. probably if it was me, i wouldn’t too! heh.

today’s dinner! oh well, we took over 300 photos in the short 4-hours trip. gotta need time to sort and filter them before i upload or blog. so yup, only some random photos i took back at home for this entry.

the cutesy piggy on the parents’ TV top. seriously, i always say that i’ll never get or want a DSLR camera because it’s way too expensive and i have no use for it. but suddenly, just SUDDENLY, i kinda fell in love with it. hahaha. maybe i’ll just utilise the hours or days i have with it and press the shutter till the battery runs flat. heh.

again, thankyou benjamin! (: