and so, the free day from the postponed orientation on Tuesday was spent with g on a phototherapy trip with ben’s DSLR. okay, i think i repeated that detail far too many times.  anyways, only took 300 over photos, filtered away a hundred and i’m already having a hard time uploading them to facebook. i wonder which photo is the cause of it. anyhows, just a couple of photos to blog about.. (:

thankfully, papa wu has a tripod which g brought out. so, makes self-timer shots so much easier. of cos, applies for jump shots too! heh. anyways, the sun was really blazing and we both actually forgot about applying sunblock lotion. well, if you notice, we’re both quite tanned already compared to before, all thanks to the swimming sessions in the unhealthy-afternoon-sun period. so yea, not much of a difference actually. *laughs*

and poor g is peeling like crap. there are some water bubbles there which idk what they are called. *shrugs* well, initially i thought the tan on my skin will just stay with me because it doesn’t show any signs of peeling but argh! my right shoulders started peeling today. i think my skin is kinda retarded…

and yup, that was our destination. we thought there wasn’t much things inside so was planning to head to botanics after an hour or so but who knows.. we actually spent like the entire afternoon there. hahah.

turd reminds me of sasa. (:

the place we used the tripod for the longest.

for this purpose. haha. the 3rd g couldn’t fit in because she’s sitting on the 2nd.

and i realised my thighs are really fat.

what’s better than ice creams on a hot day? (:

at the Fantasy Garden, g found her potty good friend!

and i got my flurry giant lion. ps: the furs feel real. hahaha.

and some lovely dinos.

the green background i hearts.

the emo g.

and i present to you my proudest and most favourite shot of the day! so pretty right.. you must be wondering how i manage to catch such a pretty shot right.. well. just point your lens at the very beautiful dragonfly, and shoot! okay, it’s a shot of a photograph on display there lah. just being lame here. but, i wished i had such skills though.

maybe one day, i might have a chance. heh. i swear i look like some enthu photgraphy freak or something when i carry the bag, the camera AND the tripod. so ya, i’m glad we took turns to take them most of the time. hahaha.

and finally, a chance to take photo with my dream car! yes, i like the Nissan March like a lot a lot A LOT! hopefully i’ll get to own one of it next time when my finance is stablised. heh. but nopes, not in this blue although it’s pretty. i like the GREEN one better. heh. (:

was planning to head to PS for Gelare waffle and we passed by the National Museum of Singapore on the way so went in for a quick tour around. oh btw, i’ve no idea what happened to the Gelare outlets! the one at Far East Plaza is gone, so is the one at PS. checked the Suntec one out and it’s gone too! anybody knows what happened? i’m missing the waffle already. ):

took a few photos by the stairs and we took this with the tripod (of course). got warned by the security guard straight after that that tripods are not allowed. hahah. i seriously wonder why! oh well, at least we got a pretty shot before we got chased away! *grins*

and i like this shot except that i look a little pregnant. haha.

above the skies.