don’t spoil me.

chen ling jie is finally back from China. and yups, with a new look. i feel like having curls too. but i’m still waiting for my hair to grow. i wonder if the F.A.S.T shampoo the market is selling works. maybe i’ll try it and let you know. heh. went for a jog after work around my neighbourhood but sadly, i don’t seem to have the stamina for longer distances. need to train up..

had a lot of food while working and even supper with tau huay at Selegie. was glad that somehow, luckily for me, teck was having dinner at Creation (which was just next to Roma’s) so i earned a free ride home. heh. (:

and i spent my entire day at home watching a Taiwanese drama on mio TV. this box that i disliked previously has gained my liking again because daddy changed the subscription to all the chinese channels, TW/HK dramas and mobTV select. rights, that’s what holidays are doing to me.. oh well.

gave my blog a new colour, my favourite colour, but i kinda need a little bit of getting used to. actually, is the previous yellow-brown theme prettier? i need some feedbacks! ):

images fading away.