may it be with you.

mummy say this shot damn act-cool and we’re not pretty because we’re not smiling. but well, that’s the whole point of it! but i think this shot could be better if mike was looking at the camera and that my face wasn’t so chui-ed. hahah. actually, we kinda look duper XL in here. HAHAHA. forget it if you don’t know what XL means. heh. anyways, been out almost the entire weekend – work, movies, gatherings..

look what’s cooking!

we had a big pot of curry for lunch (and dinner thereafter) during work on Saturday. i actually think my body was a little screwed up that day. i had extra serving of rice but i felt hungry like just 1 or 2 hours later. and it wasn’t the kind of little-cravings-for-food hunger. it was more like those.. i-haven’t-eaten-for-days kind of hunger. *laughs*

don’t know what’s up with uncle huat. he actually went over to ALT to help cleaning up when WE are the ones paying him for the labour. being too helpful or trying to get into good shoes of the boss next door? hahaha.

and when clearing the crushed ice. claudia actually went to put chocolate syrup and ate them as if they were ice kachang! *FAINTS* and yes, if you were thinking, that is the sink. i had a mouthful but so far.. no diarrhea yet. LOL. but then again, if there was a problem with it, i think the dear girl will be the one having it first. she finished almost the whole portion of it until it touch the sink. hahah shrugs.

and my colleagues of the day – ferlyna babe & claudia. working on Saturdays is always more fun because there are more part-timers, unlike weekdays, there’s always only me alone. ):

headed home to bathe before brother drove us down to Marina Square for the midnight movie. yes yes yes, Ice Age 3 in 3D!! i’ve been looking forward to it. heh. if only West Mall supports 3D as well, we wouldn’t have to travel that far. anyhow, was pretty tired and i ALMOST fell asleep (again). but gladly, i didn’t! the movie was too cute and funny that i couldn’t stop laughing. and i like Sid. (:

david and bro in the same shirt. hahah.

after YG on Sunday morning, the gang headed down to DeliVege for a late lunch intended for brother’s farewell. can’t believe i actually agreed to drive down and as usual, i had a “GPS” beside me, giving directions and helping to check blind spots and stuff.  well well, a very stressful drive and my headache came almost immediately.

we brought two DSLR out for the purpose of our photoshoot.

another stressful drive was when i followed behind jimmy’s car to Marina Square and i stalled the engine twice. *laughs* anyways, the weather wasn’t very good. the skies were dark (if you can see), on and off it was raining so unfortunately, outdoor shots weren’t possible almost at all although we tried a few at Esplande’s roof.

a happier shot of the one on top. took most of our pictures at this sheltered corner of Esplanade roof terrace. actually i spotted a few other spots we could snap a few shots but hmm.. wasn’t feeling well because of that bloody headache and so, was too lazy to even stop by and ask everyone to take a shot or two. maybe next time, shall go back there with others for another phototherapy session. heh.

had david to drive my car back because i simply cannot take anymore stressful drives. driving at night is still acceptable but not on RAINY nights. even at the passenger seat, i could feel the stress because i can’t even see the roads clearly and at town area, i don’t think i can even handle changing of lanes. at times (most of the time) actually, i feel like my license is a total piece of crap. i get more afraid of cars ever since i started driving and my confidence level to drive is like on a depleting scale. i really, wonder why.

right now, the headache is still pestering me and i wish it can go away soon. rights, gotta get ready for school and today marks the first day of my (hopefully) last semester in SIM! (:

could it be migraine?