if it hurts,

school has finally started again. paid the school fees on Monday, which hopefully, will be the last cheque we’ll write to SIM. booth duty for recruitment & refund before class followed by lunch at Makan Place with buddy and kerkie. i like the new vege stall better – the menu, the promotion, and especially the staff. class was alright, but i wasn’t. the headache made me tired, i slept almost throughout the class. thankyous kerkie for the jacket. (:

i bought a new file for the new semester. i think this sounds a little bimbotic but i chose it because of the colour. *laughs* well, not a very practical one but still, usable. i’ve the urge to get new stationerys as well (as always) but i can do without that because my stationery pouch is already full with colour pens i bought during mugging period last sem.

zhicao learning origami from helmi.

anyways, i didn’t realised our timetable was updated until yesterday. with ALL classes already being very badly scheduled from 3.30pm to 6.30pm, some of the days have been changed to Saturdays. hur. the only comforting thing to know is that it means i can drive to school for classes. the sad thing is, the RMIT Orientati0n has just been confirmed to be on the 18th but we’re going to have two classes clashing with it. *sighs* looks like we are just not meant to attend it somehow. i so don’t like the arrangement. ):

swam at g’s again this morning before we headed down to CWP to settle our Gelare waffle cravings from last week. not too bad that this outlet is still around but ironically, as much as we were looking forward to it, g ate till she got sick of it quite soon after.. guess she just doesn’t have a sweet tooth. heh, cos i enjoyed every part of that delicacy. *grins*

attended half of the lecture before babe and i decided to skip the later half to finish printing all the notes. well, we weren’t really paying attention in class anyways; so, might as well do something more constructive. halfway through, our papers got stuck really badly and i swear no one could help. people tried and gave up. some even inconsidreately left their print jobs there – wasted our papers when we settled the problem. anyhow, both of us managed to dismantle the parts and well.. if you can see from the picture, that’s how badly folded the papers were. there was like 2 or 3 of them stuck inside. oh but actually, the folds were quite pretty, like a fan. babe was commenting that we can’t even do such nice folds with our bare hands.. pretty true.

anyways, just trying my luck to clear away the  BBMKG sem 3 textbooks for babe and i. contact me if you’re looking for any of the two books, price is negotiable. i have an extra copy for the 2nd item, and can try to find more for both if needed. shall post the sem 4 textbooks next semester. heh. (:

  1. Market Research
    Essentials of Marketing Research
    by William G.Zikmund, Barry J.Babin (3rd Edition)
  2. Distribution Channel
    by Dunne & Lusch (6th Edition)
say ouch.