headed to school in the morning to do some self-study for the lectures i slept through and skipped. but somehow, only managed to read half of what i was planning to so i suppose i’ll go down again another day. if only i could bring the textbook home. OH WELL. and as much as i thought the case study the lecturer was going to discuss in the upcoming lecture was pretty important, decided to give it a miss too because i wanted to see brother off on his flight to Perth. guess i won’t be able to concentrate in class anyways.. hah.

reached the airport and we went walking around T3 since it was still early. then the guys started getting attracted to the drawing corner. i remember playing it with rin & heng last time when we were still working there. can’t believe they actually moved the whole thing out from T2 transit area to the T3 B2 Mall.

and the guys proudly present their shadings. if you can’t see, they graded themselves A+ and 1st respectively. how imaginative huh.. i think david wanted to present his to brother, but somehow, it was missed out as a present when he boarded his flight. oops.

at the food centre.

and a last picture with brother until.. November? gosh. sadly there wasn’t enough time for more pictures. didn’t even have an individual shot with him. oh well..

and goodbye brother! you will be are already being missed. ame was the only one crying initially and i thought that will be it. somehow, i tried to control but the tears just came rolling down my cheeks right after brother disappeared into the transit area. hurhur. guess i just can’t take such farewell scenes that easily. but rights, it wasn’t a sad farewell lah, just some bits of 不舍得. afterall, i got quite used to his presence around too much already. well well, 4 months’ gonna fly pass very fast and before we know it, he’s going to be back… till then!

ame drove us down to JP and then AMK hub for the purpose of making a new Ev*lution ring. hahah. like so cliche but the guys already made one before us. somehow, not very satisfied with theirs, we proposed to make a new one, which they will (supposedly) then follow suit.. discussed really long with the staff over there and she’s really quite friendly. after scaring us with the risk of our high-difficulty-requested engraving might turn out bad, we still took a chance. the end product is good though, i am satisfied. (:

sitting on the car brother used to drive us around in just kept reminding us of him. guess things are like that. you’ll only realise how much you treasure something after you lose it. hahaha. okay, not to that extent actually. just that, every action ame does brings us back to some topic related to bro. mike does it best, i think he really misses him. first separation after… 21 years. right? hahah.

enjoying his seat at the passenger seat.

the new and the old rings. shall do a detailed shot of it when i have the time and when my camera feels like it. still contemplating if i should head to school for self-study before work tmr later. cos, i am a little over-exhausted today. HMM..

are never easy.