memory recollections.

not very sure if we ever met up after we graduated in 2000 but a couple of us did like just yesterday! dinner at Marche with 4 fellow primary school classmates and we are talking about planning a whole class gathering for the graduates of 6B’y2k. started my online search for all the members on facebook with the help of just the first name and that oh-so-old photo. but right now, i’ve only the contacts of 2/3 of them.

how i wished we had year books back then, so i’d have an idea who were my classmates at every single level. and then, i’d have everyone’s name in full, making the facebook search so much easier! i’m glad at least i made an effort to write everyone’s first name on a paper attached to the photo because if not, i’m so sure i cannot remember everyone’s names so clearly. heh.

the two girls i used to be super close with – charlene and selina. not in our graduating year though. can’t remember what exactly happened but i know we weren’t on good terms when we graduated. *laughs* childish matters i guess. but wait, i remember calling ourselves the TCS when we were younger, as a trio. LOL.

and the other two guys we met up with. the two of them are like inseparable twins lah. more than 10 years of friendship i suppose? and i swear jianhao was damn funny, the way he associated EVERYONE we mentioned with their house (P.E. shirt) colours. and i guess it’s really time for our mr. class monitor, linhang, to do his job and organise a gathering soon!

a wonderful evening of reminiscing primary school days at Marche and B&J, as well as hearing gossip news from charlene on the way home. gatherings like that really brightened up my mundane life! can’t wait for the next big meet up! (: