deception point.

the empty train i took to Joo Koon while bumming around the stations to waste time. anyways, heard about the postponing of Orientation and i must say it’s really disappointing. especially for the planning team. oh well, considering that most freshies are starting school on Wednesday, i think it defeats the purpose of having an orientation AFTER their classes start. and then, for the same reason, the RMIT lecturers are kinda not able to fly here to lecture our opening classes and local lecturers are going to take over. screw the H1N1 virus, like seriously.. ):

accompanied mummy to JP in the afternoon yesterday for her usual meet-up with aunt as i wanted to shop around for stuffs too. got myself a pair of goggles as intended and as usual, mummy paid for my purchase. not that i like to extort her but she just fights to be the one paying everytime i buy something. that is why i dislike getting money from her and which is also why i love her. (:

bought a pair of sandals at Charles & Keith and mummy paid for it as well. she even asked me to get a second pair because she knows it’s always hard for me to buy shoes as i never seem to be satisfied with any one i see. but yea, there wasn’t a second pair that caught my eye so, saved her a little buckeroos as well. (:

went down to Powerhouse at night for a clubbing session intended for bro’s farewell. seems like it would be the first and last time he’ll be clubbing with us since he’s gonna fly soon. hahah. anyways, while waiting for the guys to get in, bumped into nicholas so went to crash tina’s birthday party. was kinda weird but thankyous shaun for company, the flaming lambo and drinks, the effect lasted me for quite a while..

the girls, reyna & claudia joining us after work.

and the guys of the night. and i still don’t like the dancefloor because tsehwee doesn’t dance. hur hur. got pulled in to it nevertheless and “thanks” for lifting & pulling me up onto the podium, guys. i suppose that will be the first and the last time i’ll ever step foot on a level so high up. but yes i agree, it was a totally different experience all in all..

it’s too complicating, i don’t want to know.
(28 June 2009, 23:45h)
PS: i locked this entry because i don’t feel like changing the contents just because of some fucked up reason. not like i’ve anything to hide but am damn pissed because THIS IS MY BLOG but i can’t post things i want freely just because someone else is afraid another person will see that he went clubbing. like wtf. i can understand but i just think it’s stupid. whatever the case, i’ll just lock it for my own keepsake. if that whoever already read this entry before i locked, sorry, just too bad. (: