RIP michael jackson.

caught the movie with fellow Ev*lutioners at JP last night. was so tired i was dozing off after about 2 hours of it. don’t worry, it’s just me, not the show. in fact, it was pretty exciting, as usual. but of course, it still loses out to the original Transformers.

was over at g’s place for a swim, tan, soak in water, and sauna in the day. was initially looking forward to tan and sauna only. but after soaking in the water for hours and feeling immobile, i decided to learn how to swim. i think it is the first time, after EIGHT years, that i started to really swim again. actually, i learnt it when i was in Secondary 1 but i’ve completely lost memory of it. hahaha. though i haven’t mastered the skills, at least i’m getting the gist of it and i’m not afraid of water anymore! i need to get a pair of goggles soon. heh.

and this, is my sexy instructress.

us, before and after the sauna. suggested for them to watch Nights in Rodanthe after lunch but i actually fell asleep on g’s comfy bed. hahah, sorry girls! anyways, i could totally feel what g was complaining all along when i woke up. my back and shoulders are pretty burnt and it really hurts! i so need to find the aloe vera gel! and i’ve transformed to be a half-baked human. lol.

and this is another transformation to my place. ever seen toilet bowl at the doorway? hahaha. daddy renovated both toilets in the house. cost a bomb but yay, there’s finally toilet bowl in the toilet in the kitchen! next time, we don’t have to fight or queue up to use the one in the room anymore. heh.

trying too hard.