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RIP michael jackson.

caught the movie with fellow Ev*lutioners at JP last night. was so tired i was dozing off after about 2 hours of it. don’t worry, it’s just me, not the show. in fact, it was pretty exciting, as usual. but of course, it still loses out to the original Transformers.

other transformations.

The heat

is killing me.

the two posters done for the birthday boys. sometimes i just wish i had more designing-cells in me. then maybe, just maybe, my pieces of work will have more variations, without looking like the same. sighs. anyways, a happy belated birthday to yong beng and happy birthday in advanced to ming wei! note: they are only 3 days apart.. (:

weekend with plentys.


i hate emo shit.

headed down to school on Monday for the orientation briefing before brother drove us out to pack supper and back to his house to chill. supposed to be some random mahjong session but my eyes got glued to the TV screen showing Space Jam instead. i used to like love that movie a lot a lot. so yea, only left for home when the show ended like… half past 1am? *laughs*

chilling out and spending money..


stay constant.

these two couple of days have been really scorching hot. even sitting under the fan makes me perspire non-stop as if i’m like an open tap. okay, maybe not THAT exaggerating. maybe say.. a bottle of cold drink left in the open air? that sounds more like it eh? hahah. anyways, after a long day of rotting at home, headed down to ame’s place at night to chill. actually i’ve no idea why we call it chill but yea, just slacked and mahjong-ed for awhile before brother sent us home..

hot days..

May day

follow your heart.

had a dinner gathering at jerms’ yesterday after some walkabout session at bugis with a couple of the gang peeps. anyways, it was supposed to be a belated birthday celebration but i guess there wasn’t much of that kind of mood given that it’s so belated and.. ya, the right kind of mood was just not there. hur.. but not too bad, at least the picture does looked kinda complete of the family i come to label as the gang.


CNY 2009

it’s just the beginning..

4th 5th day of the great ox year now; how’s CNY for everyone? i suppose most of us youngsters have been busy visiting, gambling and collecting tons of ang paos. i guess it’s the same every year, however good or bad the holiday can be, it can only go so far. after which, most of us gotta get our asses back to school or to work.  for me, it was the latter, i chose to go get myself more pocket money on top of the pathetic sum of red packets i got this year. (:

the very little photos of CNY day 1 to 4.

Wii + MJ

spent the day with the clique (minus pzz). we turned xumige’s place into an entertainment deck! *laughs* played her Wii, followed by PSP’s monster hunting for guys and NDS’s big brain academy for girls inside the room. ended the day with mahjong after dinner. well, i won $5 worth of chips! if only it was real money.. it would have covered i guess, my transport and dinner? anyways, if we make this a weekly thing, it might be something nice to look forward to.. (:

ps: stop calling me a dial-up! LOL

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