is killing me.

the two posters done for the birthday boys. sometimes i just wish i had more designing-cells in me. then maybe, just maybe, my pieces of work will have more variations, without looking like the same. sighs. anyways, a happy belated birthday to yong beng and happy birthday in advanced to ming wei! note: they are only 3 days apart.. (:

chilled at jerms’s place last night. changed our plans from gamehaven to his place since he has the Wii set. too bad, we couldn’t find 2 more controllers. so yup, some of us played mahjong instead.

the mini-mahjong set.

this morning was spent at TG for our “sutra recitation competition” graduation photo-taking session. still waiting for our very official group photo, hopefully it will turn out good. heh.

reyna’s cutesy niece. (:

my girls!

the cutesy boy i kept snapping photos of.

i swear he was damn cute. from two rows away, i showed him the photos i took of him then he started taking his mum’s phone and aimed at us. at first i was still telling reyna i’m sure he doesn’t know how to use. who knows, the next minute, he turned the screen to me showing the photo he took of me. then he went, “姐姐,被拍到了!(big sister, i got you on camera!)”. uber cute lah, seriously…

the unofficial gang photo. BIG LOVES. (:

at almost the same time, the clique was celebrating the two boys’ birthdays at NYNY. and yes!! the cake we baked is finally up for presentation! kudos to g for decorating it herself. hehe. and trust me, the cake was still edible and it’s really delicious! just that, it’s been kept for a LITTLE long so yup, let’s hope none of us have diarrhea after this. (:

the two birthday boys.

presenting their birthday presents.. new watch, new vest and new belt. (:

the group photo they took without me. ):

and i finally joined them after my thingy at TG.

our heaven for the afternoon!

our private room.

L4D! first time having the clique playing together. heh. but still, i like campaign mode more than versus. it’s good though. but let’s just play in normal mass-gaming LAN place rather than private room okay? it costs a bomb! but yup, thankyous yong beng for the treat! (:

on a side note, i’m finally going back to Roma’s tomorrow. work work work, food food food, money money money! *big grins* but sigh, school is starting pretty soon.. i wish i could go on a holiday too. ):

so green.