and i’ll still drink.

headed down to school for the orientation dry-run yesterday afternoon. nicky gave most of us a box of chocolate each. haven’t tried it yet but i really like how it is packaged. was it trying to imitate some medical packaging or something? but i like the labeling of x-large, large, medium and small. innovative! (:

went through most of the stations but i won’t deny i didn’t really participate in the games. was feeling so hot i almost suffered from heat stroke! *laughs* great job to the planning team, excos and OGMs who turned up though. hopefully the feedback and stuff will make the actual orientation a great success.

stayed on for awhile to learn watch them learn the mass dance. not that i don’t want to learn, i just can’t dance for nuts! actually the steps looked pretty easy but argh.. my hands are like my legs and vice versa, i decided to just sit down and video plus laugh at the others. heh.

rushed home, bathed and had dinner before daddy sent me down to zicheng’s place for our youth group AGM. honestly, was expecting some happening stuffs but somehow, it was like just-another-normal meeting. oh wells.

last agenda of the day was Butter Factory with the council peeps. was actually contemplating for days whether to go or not but i decided to go since it was supposed to be a graduating thingy for bernie & vinod. reached pretty late but thankfully, there was nic to get me in through the re-entry, spared me from the duper crazy long queue. rights, didn’t drink much but had quite a good time with everyone. shall wait for bernie to get the pictures uploaded! oh btw, i have a new partying scar on my hand! hates all the cuts i’m getting in clubs. they are ugly. ):

the moody glance.