if it’s the thought that counts.

ingredients shopping at Phoon Huat with g and mama wu in the morning after brunchie before heading back to their place for a cake-baking session. heh. objective? prepare our very own birthday cake for the celebration of the birthdays of the 2 boys of the clique!

the cutesy measuring spoons.

mama wu and g.

our ingredients checklist! wells, made a mistake somehow halfway, using fresh cream as milk but thankfully, i found a way salvage the situation! heh.

g waiting for the batter to become light and fluffy.

and it’s time to add in the eggs!

the sugar syrup with rum + sugar + water + vanilla essence. totally just smells like rum. should just add some mixer and drink it all up! *laughs*

batter done and poured into baking tray..

then into the oven…

in the meantime, had my lunchie, from mama wu. *grins*

after a few hours of hardwork, the cake’s finally out!

layering the cake.

the final product! a little lopsided but not too bad lah. still looks edible. will needa do the decorations before we bring it out for celebration during the weekends. the saddest thing is, didn’t get to try tasting the cake. i hate the feeling of not being able to eat what we bake! i’m waiting and i SHALL patiently wait.. hopefully it will be good. heh.

look into the mirror.

and i know she loves me! LOL! don’t worry, it’s not one-sided because i love you too, g! hahaha. thanks for the ride home. it’s been months since i last sat in her car..

gone with the wind.