the aroma.

finally settled my cravings for the cookies yesterday. been craving for it since, i think, the 2nd day of PC show. *crunch crunch, yums yum* anyways, settled some domestic stuff and headed out to town with g for some presents shopping. in the meantime, was shopping for our own stuff because it’s the GSS! anyhow, i thought ION Orchard was opened already but somehow, couldn’t find the entrance. *laughs*

walked around watching g spend money before we settled down at Donuts Factory at Suntec for a teatime snack. actually, it’s a before-dinner snack. bus-ed home after that because i promised to be home for dinner. and i actually felt pretty guilty to leave home straight after dinner because of a movie date with fellow ev*lutioners.

the movie goers of the night.

i swear this movie was really traumatizing. i mean, it’s not the first time i’m catching any horror or thriller movies but this one was really torturing! it’s like totally 100 minutes of torture to sit throughout the show. although there are certain parts that were quite funny, the sound effects and sudden scenes really scared the hell out of me. but heh, i covered my face for some time after i screamed at some scenes so i missed out the gross part. after some comments i received from facebook, i realised you can really link the old lady and demons in the show with L4D! *laughs out loud*

i couldn’t resist.