i hate emo shit.

headed down to school on Monday for the orientation briefing before brother drove us out to pack supper and back to his house to chill. supposed to be some random mahjong session but my eyes got glued to the TV screen showing Space Jam instead. i used to like love that movie a lot a lot. so yea, only left for home when the show ended like… half past 1am? *laughs*

rights, so the couple of us who were damn very free, met up on Tuesday for lunch. wanted to go Roma’s but somehow, there was some strong disagreements so i suggested DeliVege as the backup plan.

the cute little girl on the menu ben wants to order. LOL

the best attempt at a self group shot.

our food! (:

and we proudly present our own.

was contemplating between movies, shopping, or gaming while we left the place after lunch and somehow, we thought we could go play some LAN for an hour or so before heading down for a movie. who knows.. the decision we made, stuck us there for a good 3 hours. *laughs*

the cute toilet sign at the safra gamehaven.

on the lift up to the reception.

reflections at the lift door.

and so we “ordered” our private console gaming room and the person serving us helped us open. wasted quite some time because he took the wrong keys. zzz.

my favourite shot of the day. (:

all posing with the game i thought we would love to play but argh.. due to many MANY technical problems, we gave up on the game and moved on to the next! we should have started that game like long ago because seriously, the setting up and figuring out of the Guitar Hero wasted so much of our time inside there!

and that’s the 2 games. (:

a last shot before we left. and so i say, i don’t know if we should be glad or sad that we decided to leave our homes and chill out today because we kinda spent a sum of money entertaining ourselves. hahaha. nevertheless, i’m sure all of us had fun. heh. and somehow, i do enjoy some parts of the chit chatting.. haha.

on a side note, daddy bought this from Japan and wants me to wear it. actually i’ve not much idea how this thing can help me although he claims that it’s good for me. so yea, i shall just wear it with the other bracelet mummy bought for me. yes, i’m a pretty fair daughter. LOL.

and i feel like a genius somehow. okay, i know it’s not a new thing but i was just super thrilled when i figured this thing out because NOW, i can watch shows on the big screen and continue doing my own stuffs on the small one. *grins*

gave up.