and so, that was my 2nd home for the past 4 days. the booth everyone thought was selling Acer, the booth where i stood at for half a day everyday, but didn’t manage to get any customers coming back to find me. oh, maybe just.. one? *laughs* in any case, it was a good experience somehow. i made a couple of new friends and hopefully, a new linkage to better deals to work at IT fairs next time. heh.

rights, had a big fat ZERO sales again on the 2nd day. *laughs* maybe the products were hard to sell, maybe the promotion ain’t good enough, maybe the prices are too steep, maybe i wasn’t as lucky as the others to get interested buyers. but all in all, i guess my convincing skills are just not good. i can’t even convince myself to buy the products actually, it’s not surprising how i can’t CONvince the customers to buy..

on the 3rd day, though, i sold one laptop. at that very moment i wanted to give up and just quit, God sent this angel to me. hahahaha. this guy just happened to pass by with his friend and without much effort, he just bought the laptop. i guess his friend was as surprised as me because that was only the 1st laptop he’s looking at, and he didn’t even bother to compare. oh well, i just hope he’s not regretting his purchase..

on the 4th, which was also the last day, i managed to sell three netbooks. until now, i still feel guilty for selling them because somehow the price was pretty steep. to make myself feel better, i wrote down as many freebies as i can to give it to them. anyways, the commission i’m getting for the THREE netbooks is even lower than what i’m getting for ONE laptop sold. oh well.. life’s like that i guess. there is a handful of us that earned merely a hundred over bucks but there are also some, working at the same booth, earning like 5 times more. the pay is something that you should never compare..

the aftermath of the fair. the floor is like that everyday. i didn’t really contribute to THAT littering but i contributed to making it worse. kicking the flyers around and tearing them apart with my legs are some of my ways of destressing. heh. anyways, if you noticed, my twitter has been filled with emo updates of the PC show from my phone. i’m not THAT emo normally but really, working there makes me feel so demoralised and useless, i cried a couple of times. too weak i guess. HAHAH.

was trying to load many many movies the previous week and look how long my movie list has gotten! heh. guess they will help me pass time this week and next as well since i’ve got nothing better to do. on a side note, i miss working at Roma’s. but boss doesn’t seem to need me. ):

shucks, i can’t feel a thing.