it’s just the beginning..

4th 5th day of the great ox year now; how’s CNY for everyone? i suppose most of us youngsters have been busy visiting, gambling and collecting tons of ang paos. i guess it’s the same every year, however good or bad the holiday can be, it can only go so far. after which, most of us gotta get our asses back to school or to work.  for me, it was the latter, i chose to go get myself more pocket money on top of the pathetic sum of red packets i got this year. (:

rights, as usual, CNY day 1 was spent at home waiting for all my paternal relatives to visit. it usually lasts for about an hour or two before the crowd disperses and the entire place is quiet all over again.

my cutesy niece and nephew were both dressed in red! (:

a shot we will always take every year – the dragon couz!

the closer couz of my generation, less candice & ernest.

with my cutesy nephew. (:

helped mummy while she made (oh-my-favourite) cheese tarts in the afternoon.

kinda rotted at home waiting for more visitors but in the end, there wasn’t any after the afternoon crowd left. *laughs* felt pretty stupid hanging around the house all dressed up for the entire day. but well, headed to west mall at night to catch the jack neo’s production. it was QUITE hilarious but i have to say, the plot is really very japalang! so many random stories junked up together. i think the wedding game was so much better….

back home and saw butter cakes! well, didn’t help with the baking but i helped a lot with the eating. *grins* mummy loves to bake but i wonder why i didn’t inherit some of those baking genes from her.

spent CNY day 2 out visiting. the usuals – my god-grandma’s place, maternal grandma’s, then paternal big aunt’s to meet up with my usual couz again. well, this year’s slightly different because grandma left us. so it was just a simple gathering for all my mummy and her siblings instead of all the oranges & red packets exchange. still, it was good. everyone spent quality hours sitting down sharing stories and reminiscing the past. we really missed her, all of us. ):

and i realised cubby has been a lot more obedient. at least he doesn’t BARK non-stop at me anymore. i used to hate him so much that it kept me away from grandma’s. it was one of my biggest regrets the previous year. but alrights, let’s do away with the sad stuffs..

went to the toilet and saw these two gold bars. yup, i’m sure it’s pretty obvious who’s the culprit huh? *laughs* mummy gave him a dressing down and i swear it was damn hilarious. should have video-ed down how mummy actually reprimanded him and insisted that he use the toilet paper to clean his own shit. hahah.

well, as much as i used to dislike him, i’m beginning to like him already. (:

over at big aunt’s, you can guess what all these golden coins are useful for..

yes! i’m sure you got it right, BLACKJACK! hahah. it’s like a usual thing to do during occasions like that. even i, who dislikes and seldom gambles, will join in the fun. of cos, i play small small, $1 $1 $1, no more than that. but the thing is, i’ve NEVER won. i lost $3 in the short 5 minutes i joined in the game before we started dinner.

and the older generation plays mahjong.

the female couz.

another reunion dinner. the BIG table for the BIG people.

the SMALL table for the SMALL people. i must talk about this picture because it’s very very meaningful. we planned and we sat according to our age. starting from couz candice in red/white stripes and we go down the row ending with dion with 3/4 of his head. these are the people i grew up with and childhood is going to be so boring without them. really glad i have so many couz who are all so close in age; but they are not all! i’ve got like much much older ones and mind you, this is only my paternal side. (:

had my movie date with babe, teddy, terry and kerk on CNY day 3. i think i booked them like a week in advanced. haha. anyways, stepped into the new JP for the first time (have been wanting to go there since it opened like a month or two ago). but well, although there were so so so many shops and f&b outlets, we settled for MOS burger back at the old JP. what an irony. hahah.

and this was what we caught. thanks terry for booking the tickets! been wanting to catch it ever since the end of part 1. personally, i feel that part 2 was better. although not as funny, the strategies and all used were damn awesome lah. alrights, i admit i’m not a very historical person so yea, it’s like the first time i’m seeing and knowing all these. haha! oh, and there was this cute old man who was alone and sitting beside me. sometimes i wonder how it feels like to watch a movie in the theatre. alone. but nah, i’m not going to try, at least not in the near future…

in the new JP toilet; one thing i really REALLY like about the toilets is… there’s a mirror in EVERY cubicle! hahah. like okay, i think i’m being a little mountain tortise here but i really think it’s a good design. so convenient to look at yourself for however long you want without others giving you weird stares. *laughs out loud*

headed over to bernie’s for the CNY gathering after a little walkabout in the new compound. we were like one of the earliest so went to play guitar hero! oh well, actually i didn’t play lah. went around taking photos and videos. wanted to try the drums actually but it was kinda spoilt.. ):

the best part of the night for everyone, i guess, was the BBQ. they always say bernie’s place serves the best BBQ food around. well, i wouldn’t know cos i don’t consume any of those but from everyone’s happy faces, i’ve no doubts lah. (:

here’s one proof..

here’s another! (oh, ignore vi’s face though) HAHA.

and spot the most photo-ready guy in green.

was feeling pretty bored when people started poker, mahjong, more BBQ, and there wasn’t anything to do. then someone suggested blackjack and there, i joined in! nono, i’m not a fan of gambling. just needed to engage in some activity to kill time.

and so we blackjacked the entire night until jackson decides to leave (because jerlene and i leeched a ride from him). heh. anyways, i was losing and winning and losing and winning. kept on having no profits but towards in end, i lost $6. kerk offered to share with me so well, lost cut half! *grins* well, the money was small lah; the most important thing is that everyone had fun! (:

CNY day 4 was spent working as mentioned. had a scrumptious lunch, with my favourite shredded potatoes! i’m so going to learn how to cook that because i wouldn’t mind eating it everyday. heh. anyways, gained an ang bao from boss and he’s damn cute! he actually packed a tiny packet of red beans with the money as well. but honestly, i’ve no idea what that means so if anyone does, please let me know! (:

when there’s wasn’t any customers and staff gets bored! heh. been long since i last worked with ferlyna babe. it’s good to work with people closer to you because time passes faster when you can chat with almost anything under the sun lights with her! because working with outsiders is like DEAD BORING with no common topics at all.

headed home with ferlyna to bathe before meeting up with some members of the gang after their movie. we found a damn good chilling place which is like so damn near my place! *laughs out loud* can’t believe i’ve never been there before. it shall be our gang’s lao di fang for future mini gatherings!

with the three babes. mike and david took turns to spin us on that whatever-you-call-that thingy and it’s like REALLY fun! hahaha. but erm, after a while, everyone got down or fell off that circular devil one by one, leaving me all alone. so this meanie kind soul david decided to spin even harder because the load (only me) was so much lighter. and then, it got so fast i literally flew out from my seat. luckily there was only some minor scratches, if not i’d claim medical fees man! haha. in any case, it was really fun. thank you guys for your hard work! (:

PS: because everything’s so sudden and so random. i feel you, my dear. stay strong alrights? we’ll all be with you. everything happens for a reason and this, i believe, is not a bad one. because whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger and i have faith in you! i know my 大道理s are very crappy but just believe in me! heh. in any case, this is not a breaking-up season, just a resting one; and i’m going to do the same..

sometimes i feel like a hidden character, sometimes i feel like i don’t exist. sometimes i feel like i ask for too much, sometimes i feel like i give too little. sometimes i feel like i trap myself in my tiny window of thoughts, sometimes i feel like i set my sights too far. as much as i wished things stay constant, i am expecting some changes. pardon my selfishness, i can’t foresee where we’ll go from here. but, time will tell, i guess; things will get better, i hope.. (: