happy birthday, humans!

spent the last two nights of January 2009 doing Chingay duties, as we will every year. it rained pretty heavily on rehearsal day on Friday so we had quite a lot of time slacking around the area. headed to citylink’s starbucks first to wait for everyone else to arrive and, i found my new love – white chocolate mocha! *drools as i think of it* heh.

we walked and stopped almost every corner on the way there.

with ferlyna babe; people always say we look alike and i really wonder if it’s true. hahah. anyways, i think this year’s chingay tshirt is really ugly! the design is a tad weird in a way somehow i can’t explain. anyways, as of now, i’ve a 3-years collection of chingay shirts and i think, 2008’s the prettiest. hopefully next year’s one will be even prettier. heh. (:

group photo at esplanade where we stopped again.

and. he. is. so. charming. (:


rights, proof of the rain – wet grounds! it’s pretty bad for us because we can’t sit down like how we used to in previous years because of that. even the railings were wet. ):

our job for that night was crowd control! was wishing we could get a tag each but i guess there weren’t enough. so, only selective people got to wear that. hahah. not like a super great thing but the “attire” just looks more complete with it. haha.

my area (somewhere just after the last performing area)! was pretty glad my area was quite empty; even when it’s not, nobody tried climbing over the railings, climb the trees, make trouble, etc. thus, was pretty much just slacking around and enjoying the after-actual-performance performers performing as they pass by us. and that’s the thing i love most about helping out at chingay – free viewing of great performance live! (:

some shots i managed to steal. haha, actually i’m not sure if we were allowed to take photos but since nobody said NO, i just did what i want with my camera. heh.

some shots of the performers and ferlyna babe got an ang bao from one of them!

took the last train home and here’s some shots you might see on STOMP! *laughs* anyways, been sleeping at real weird timings these couple of days. like even if i only have programmes for the 2nd half of the day, i’ll be just in time for it by the time i wake up from the “morning” sleeps. screwed body clock i guess.

was rushing the supersoaker poster till about 3am in the morning and daddy offered to send me over to peace centre to print it. the timing was so right that on the way back, i dropped it in school with zhicao and that saves me a trip to school tmr as i’ve no classes at all. although daddy complained a little (the amount spent driving there was even more than the price of printing the poster), i’m still glad he offered the help.

met up with the others after that and headed over our area a couple of hours before the parade begins. we’re like always the last to reach, i think probably an hour late, but seriously, there’s no point reaching early. as usual, had our packed dinner and look! don’t we they all look like some illegal refugees? *laughs* i’m just kidding, just that i’m not in the picture, you see..

duty for the day was changed to dispersal instead because our spaces at the crowd control area was taken up by the time we finished our dinner. !#@$#%!@ oh well. of course it ain’t as good because we’re placed at the last of the entire thing, dispersing the performers to their buses AND at the same time, stopping the public from trying to cross the road at our side. tough job, really… but good thing is, everyone managed to get a tag this time round!

and my poor shoe finally reached the end of its lifespan. the base of the right one came off while we were walking to our areas and the left one came off when i reached batok. oh well, thanks for your service the past…… 2 years? haha.

a group photo before we got busy! (:

another photo STOMP should publish! haha. they played dai dee on the train home while yoshi accompanied me on the DS. haha. headed to Macs for supper before going to our M²JD. a mini gang reunion. hmm, but it was quite an emo night. everyone was tired already i guess. OH WELL.

was too lazy to wake up for YG’s 团拜 so i decided to stay home and complete my tasks on hand. created an FB event for the supersoaker clash (here). do support!

big uncle and family came over for CNY visiting, finally. the two princesses came along as well and they are really really sweet. but the elder one was kinda shy towards us so as soon as she heard about taking photos, she pretended to be asleep. the younger one was damn sweet with her big round eyes and cutesy smiles. (:

the princessy sisters. (:

was supposed to head over to cuthbert’s for steamboat with the YG peeps but was busy doing my stuff so i stayed home instead. sis invited a few of her colleagues over for steamboat as well thus, i still had steamboat afterall just that it was at home rather than the neighbour block. played a few rounds of blackjack with them and i withdrew as soon as i lost all my $2 notes. *pouts* okay lah, not much actually, just $4. HAHA!

on a side note, a week of CNY has flew past in a blink of the eye AND it’s also February already! it was a day i’ve thought hard to prepare for and stuffs but actually it ain’t that important anymore. hahaha. anyhow, i can’t wait for tmr to go to work because it’s going to be PAY DAY! *grins* but on the other side, gonna be back in school the following day for more classes, projects, and council duties.. well, seems like life just goes on like that. (:

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