like so empty,

business was really really bad today. i think i can count the number tables occupied today with my fingers & toes. i think it’s the lowest sales i’ve ever met in my 2 years of working there. the place was empty, and cold. so cold that i was literally freezing. am glad i brought my jacket along but should have brought my notes along too. could have utilised like more than 3 hours of meaningless time spent. wanted to surf but didn’t have the courage to ask my neighbouring stall for the password to their wireless account. the signal was so strong BUT it was security-enabled. it’s like so near yet so far! ):

on top of the baked pasta i had for lunch, had green bean soup with 2 glutinous rice balls and my self-made bread pizza. many many more little junks during the cold hours. it’s really sinful because when there are no customers around, i just have to walk around the counter, into the kitchen, grab something, and put into my mouth. like as if chewing helps to fast-forward time. -.-”

and well, if the pretty nails can still be seen.. this is the last photo i have of them. plucked all of them out after that. was too lazy to get the remover, so i did it with my bare hands. fortunately, none of my real nails came off together with it. eeks, that’s going to look so gross. haha. anyways, the bad thing is, the remains of the dried glue which i attempted but failed to remove makes my nails damn ugly now. oh well.. 爱美的代价 huh.

on a side note, i don’t know why i don’t feel excited over red packets this year. normally i’d have ripped open all of them, count the amount and start comparing with sis by the 1st night of CNY. but this year, i’ve just opened them like today, after more than a week, and didn’t even bother to compare. maybe it’s different when you grow older; the excitement’s like not there anymore. haha.

in any case, it’s still great to be counting money! plus the pay i’ve received today, at least i’m starting to see a little increase in the amount in my bank account. but sadly, it ain’t enough to cover the amount i spent on my phone like 2 months ago, and of cos, not forgetting the amount i spent on the air ticket to taiwan tcoo. so yup, that’s why i’m trying to schedule all my free days to work. BUT, with business like that, i won’t be surprised if boss doesn’t want me anymore. thus, please pLeAsE PLEASE.. let business resume! *prays*

yet so full.