a tired soul.

i wanted to take a good picture of this pretty delicacy i had today but sadly, the whole design got smudged when the person placed my donut into the paper bag. *pouts* in any case, it was good! but the cappuccino cream inside was damn sinful. well, i’m not good with taste and all but sweet stuffs just attracts me. i heard that J.Co’s donuts are better than donut factory’s but to me, they’re the same. (:

spent the whole time in class today chatting with babe. not that the lecture was boring cos in fact, i think the ethics lecturer was rather cute. but firstly, there wasn’t any notes available, making it hard for me to concentrate. then, chatting with babe is like, always carrying me away from anything, everything. and her words really set me thinking again. i guess she’s right; like DAMN right. probably i was never sensitive enough to put myself in anyone’s shoes; those thoughts like never really occurred to me.. *sighs*

anyhows, went down to cityhall after that to collect our textbooks. i admit that i’ve been whining the entire day already but i just can’t help it. paying $62 bucks for two PHOTOCOPIED books really makes me go !@$%#!#&. was expecting the most like $25 per book but argh…. i know i sound like damn cheapo here but seriously! *sigh* nvm, i shall rest my case. hahah.

just finished downloading the necessary notes from the portal and i swear it’s crazy. especially for the AMCA module, the notes for each lecture are like 70 over pages. now, thinking about having to get them printed is like taking half my life away also. gotta get them separated into batches before i set myself down to print them. and there’re so much readings to be done! guess i need to start on them real soon to prepare myself for project meeting tmr.. ):

on a side note, the saying “things are easier said than done” is so true. it applies for almost anything and everything. sometimes it’s almost as easy as ABC when you console others and stuff with words or big sayings that you craft out. but, when the same thing happens to you, it’s a different story all over again. school wise as well, i’ve been talking about starting projects early, get it over and done with. but look! what have i done? nothing at all. i hate this “no action, only talk” thing but it’s so human nature. like i so can’t help it.. hur.

and she’ll be loved.