if i could write better.

exactly 2 more weeks to the first due date, feels like a lot of stuffs to do. 4 modules, 6 projects! anyways, i’ve always felt pretty useless during project meetings; it definitely didn’t make things better to be in a new group with very capable people. i just kind of prefer working alone i guess. *laughs* different working styles all over again but i’ll try to adapt because as a group, we are going to do the entire report well!

was so exhausted i squeezed an hour after dinner for a short nap. what an unhealthy act but i couldn’t get the sleepy bugs away from me. and digressing a little, i read back some of my archived entries and realised how emo i used to be. but then again, it looks like i still am now.. nothing changed, i’m still the me from two years ago, haven’t grown up much either. hur.

on a side note, i don’t understand why some people can go through all means to get a stranger’s number and flood the person with msges when she already make it so clear than she has no interest in anything about him. and i wonder which idiot gave the person her number. but since it’s only day 2 so far, i shall not take any actions for now, just hoping that he stops the pestering soon. i think i’ve been REALLY polite already, seriously. (:

now, back to research.

searching for.