oh my.

pissed with my dirty laptop screen, i dug out the box of alcohol wipes couz gave to us a year or two ago to clean it. then i proceeded to give my entire laptop a thorough wipe. pretty amazed that some ugly stains were removed and my love look so so so much fresher and cleaner now. but okay lah, i admit it still looks old. ):

sales today was better than expected, almost 5 times of that of Monday’s. the sales, after only 2 hours of opening, already exceeded that pathetic amount of that day. yup, that’s how bad things were. anyways, the timing for last order has been extended for half an hour for Fridays and Saturdays, starting today! and that minor change does make a big difference. i won’t be surprised if boss reverts back to this timing for normal weekdays in the near future.

rights, and i was expecting to have some free time so i brought the SQ case study and even my LAPTOP along. but guess what, was so busy i didn’t even have time to finish reading half of it. don’t even bother about using the laptop. waste my effort. *sighs* hahah. but the good thing is, the crowd after 2pm was pretty evenly spread out, didn’t have the hectic feel of normal good-sales days..

anyways, been having giddy spells again recently. it’s really bad. a slight turn or movement makes me lose my balance a little. like my brain’s tilted to one side, like my brain suddenly got heavier on one side. hur. i feel so faint i almost fainted at work, then i did a “break-dance”  because my slippers were too slippery. OH okays, suddenly i see the link why slippers are called slippers. LOL.

on a happier note, a group of customers celebrated their friend’s birthday today. and and and, i’ve got a share of the cake! and and and, tsehwee loves cakes! yums, especially the strawberry on top. *grins*

anyways, it’s initiation day tmr! suddenly i’m SO not looking forward to it anymores. i think babe will know why. because i’m sure she’s feeling the same. muahahas. oh well, in any case, let’s hope things turn out fine. hopefully night time will be fun? i’m going to get invited to keith’s party, right right right? hahaha.