follow your heart.

had a dinner gathering at jerms’ yesterday after some walkabout session at bugis with a couple of the gang peeps. anyways, it was supposed to be a belated birthday celebration but i guess there wasn’t much of that kind of mood given that it’s so belated and.. ya, the right kind of mood was just not there. hur.. but not too bad, at least the picture does looked kinda complete of the family i come to label as the gang.

with my babes and my super chui face. i think i will repeat again that i am NOT having outbreaks and that my face has been like that since eons ago. but, as much as i can take critics, there are times when i’d appreciate if people can stop rubbing salt onto my wounds. because, i have to say, it hurts. ):

then the “birthday boy” had individual shots with everyone on his instant camera. well, the only comment i can give is, Singaporeans really cannot be praised! still, good self-shots for some. heh.

watched them play a couple of rounds of Wii before people started to get bored. kiat, reyna and jimmy left first as the girls had to work today. well, i gave in to temptations and decided to stay over, boozing the night away with the remaining peeps. oh btw, thank you dear, for the sms. it really made my night so much lighter! (:

anyways, i remember hosting about 3 rounds of the king’s cup after some introductory drinking. and i remember the whole stupid “speak-hokkien-only” rule caused me to break into laughter. because i can’t speak dialect for nuts and so can’t the most of us. trying to translate everything into that seems like an alien act out of a sudden. well, i guess there were more happening stuff but that’s about all for the few rounds before i lost partial memory for the night. hopefully i didn’t make a fool or a great joke out of myself again.

a feeling so familiar yet so not. sometimes, you just have to follow your heart and the others don’t matter. maybe it was just a thought that happen to pass by for that instant. if whatever said was a cheque, then this is when we will have to void it. i kinda miss the times when things were seemingly so much less complicated. i’m so disappointed in so many things, so many people and so many aspects of life. both the right, as well as the wrong, kind of regrets are coming into view. even on simpler issues such as plans for the big 21, i realised that i might have just overestimated and overrated myself. all in all, it’s a handful of negatives all accumulated together. in life, mathematical formulas don’t work; two negatives don’t make a positive at all. at times like this, i really hate putting up a strong front..

and i’m on my wall to Hell.