keep it locked.

after spending all my supposed-mugging-time with my bed the entire day yesterday, headed out for mum+dad’s day dinner with my family and relatives. i just wanna say, i really haven’t started revision for my Tuesday paper and i think i’m really screwed this time. but then again, i think i’ve no rights at all to whine about this because it’s me who chose to put every other thing above studies so yup, i deserve whatever consequences that are coming my way. ):

Sunday was spent with the kids as usual. i’m glad that this shall be the last week i drag my heavy textbook and notes over and TRY to study because in the end, nothing went in at all. bringing those just makes me feel better for not rotting my time away. anyways, the lovely duo hosted this week’s activity and captured all the kids attention with their sweet treats.

i think most of the kids went back with a full load of chocolates! hopefully they don’t fall sick because i think most, or rather, ALL of them are having exams tmr. *laughs*

anyways, most friends and buddies are back from Taiwan and i’m happy because i’m not forgotten. hahah. i think it doesn’t matter what they bring back because it’s the thought that counts after all! this is from mike, and i like it because i chose it. heh. the only thing is that, it’s a tad too big. ):

invited JH over in the afternoon just now and he brought over a whole big bag of Taiwan goodies for me as well. it’s really thoughtful of him and it acts as a reminder that i owe him a huge birthday treat. heh. give me a week to plan alrights.. hahah. on a side note, it kinda amazed me what daddy was saying earlier on. inside stuffs. (:

lost in the maze but i’ll find my way out.