stay constant.

these two couple of days have been really scorching hot. even sitting under the fan makes me perspire non-stop as if i’m like an open tap. okay, maybe not THAT exaggerating. maybe say.. a bottle of cold drink left in the open air? that sounds more like it eh? hahah. anyways, after a long day of rotting at home, headed down to ame’s place at night to chill. actually i’ve no idea why we call it chill but yea, just slacked and mahjong-ed for awhile before brother sent us home..

in the meantime, we were trying to think up and finalise the nick names for our group. hahah. well, although mine didn’t exist for a good reason and all, i’m kinda happy with my 月. heh, somehow, it sounds quite pretty. LOL.

accompanied mummy, 5th aunt, and my two baby couzs to Suntec Convention for the book fair. i remembered going with the same group of companies to another book fest at the same place just about half a year ago. haha. as usual, went to flip through all the recipe books and equivalents. bought mummy a book that really caught her eye although she kept saying it’s too expensive and she doesn’t want it. i know deep down, she wants to own it lah. *laughs* i fell in love with another book but the recipes were all in Chinese so i was contemplating whether to get it. luckily, 5th aunt likes it too so she made the purchase. guess i’ll just borrow it from her some day when i have the chance. heh.

dropped by Guardian to get the sanitizers for orientation on my way back. it didn’t occur to me that 9-litres of them can be so damn heavy. thank God i had mummy to carry them with me. now the next concern is, how am i going to tug them all to school by myself?! *faints* i probably should drive down and put some in my locker over the weekends. rights, that will mean tonight or tmr. HMMM…..

not appealing anymore.