dreams vs reality.

it’s the GSS season, don’t all these just look like shopping bags? *laughs* of course not, they are too tiny to be and i shall proudly name them the hard work of the logistics team today. hahah. i think we spent about 4 hours discussing, finalizing, and getting down to do them so hopefully, these get approved so that our hard work will pay off. (:

so yup, if you were wondering, we are working on the format of the new organisation chart. wanted to like draw on the walls to work out the size but some smart ones suggested we use the papers we were going to throw away and paste them on the wall instead. so yup, that’s like a sample of what we SHOULD be going to do. heh.

the log team at work. we were like factory workers – doing manual, repetitive, mass production. hahah but well, it was all fun lah. and there is a sense of satisfaction somehow. teehee. but, guess what KERK was doing while we were working our asses off?!

yes, i think you guessed right. reading magazines. and i’m sure it’s pretty clear what magazine he is reading eh? wahaha, okay lah. thankyous anyway for opening the council room for us and even sitting in with us for the entire couple of hours even though he’s not part of the log team. (:

headed down to JP after that to meet up with my girls! jul was catching the Madagascar 2 show on the stage while waiting for us. damn cute lah, i super love the penguins! well, pictures can’t really be taken well because they kept moving around so if you are interested, check out the videos on facebook!

the meet up was almost perfect except that ting had to give it a miss last minute because she was too exhausted from her delayed flight. OH WELL, next time i guess? anyways, this meet up was supposed to happen like 2 months back, for jul’s birthday, but everyone was too busy we had to postpone till now. sadly, no birthday cakes but yup, we took those instant photos with the birthday present we got for her. there was an empty one cos the camera just kinda screwed up we’ve no idea why. maybe it knows we should save a blank one for the missing girl? hahah.

anyhow, just got the camera shipped over from Japan about a month ago! heh. i must say they really live up to their “The Fastest and Most Reliable International Postal Service” claim.

on the train back home.

or rather, we bounced to Joo Koon before heading home because i was saying i haven’t seen the two new stations before. nothing special, just very new-looking stations and pitch-dark scenery outside. i wanna visit the circle line stations some day. i think it’s pretty cool. i’m just quite fascinated by all the new MRT stations and lines that are going to come up. hahahah.

on a side note, check out my new perms! okay, i meant the natural curls after a day of plaits + bun. hahah. i’m so in love with raisa’s hair but i’ll need about a year to grow till THAT length and have it permed i guess. ): alrights, time for BBF!

a new day.