expected but still disappointing.

save me the pitiful look, i guess everyone had a hard time this semester. well, i know i should be satisfied that i managed to clear all the modules but still, i’m so not happy with the results. because this means i need 2 HDs and 2 DIs next semester to get a Degree with Distinction which is so bloody impossible. oh well. i thought SQ paper was really easy, can’t understand why i only got a CR when the two projects making up 50% is already a HD! and all other projects are at least a DI, it’s just annoying. rar! anyhow, this is final already. better luck next semester i guess… (:

anyways, headed down to g’s place to slack and watch Boys Before Flowers yesterday. intended to go for a swim and tanning session but sadly, there wasn’t much sunlight. so yup, continued with our alternative plan.

lunch specially prepared by her mum. she’s always so nice. heh. with my most favourite of all – POTATOES! anyway, the show is really hilarious. made us laugh at almost every episode of it. Gu Jun Pyo! damn “nice” lah, his hair.. hahaha.

went to chevrons for a KTV session in the evening after dinner with g and the guys. went to pick g up first and i swear it’s almost the most stressful drive ever. although i went to her place just hours before the drive, i actually could lose my way. freak. i should have just taken more notice of the routes while taking the bus. in conclusion, i’m just lousy. i just freak out too easily to drive confidently…

and this song totally irritates me, or rather, US. the guys just can’t stop “mum mum mum mah”-ing throughout the session after that song. *laughs* okay lah, it was irritating but really hilarious. should have taken a video of it huh.

on a side note, gotta head to school for logistics meeting later. my email is like flooded with all logistics stuff. hahah. and then it’s the long awaited DAZ meet up. i already lost track of when we last met lah..

never got worse.