i’m not addicted.

spent the evening and night over at the birthday chalet of our second 21st baby of the gang this year. as usual, gotta wait for the birthday boy to upload the photos. on a side note, i think the Ev*lution is slowly living up to its name. and i suddenly think my life is getting really unhealthy these days. too much alcohol intake. and i had to skip work today because i just had to. can i say i wasn’t feeling too well? hur. and i slept my entire afternoon away. but the body is still feeling pretty screwed right now.

argh, sometimes i don’t know which part of my life i’m enjoying. i thought i was happy, i thought i liked where i was heading. but somehow, i don’t know why i am a confused girl now. maybe it’s just part of life. sometimes ignorance is really bliss. sometimes i think some acts are just bastardy. i don’t know what is in store for me anymore. i just fucking feel like getting away. in the meantime, i can foresee myself just laughing it through. they aren’t supposed to be fake smiles but why do i feel like such a hypocrite?
just stay away.