mixed feelings.

headed down to parklane with the guys last night to play L4D. were like trapped on a dangerous car in the traffic jam at town for quite some time. the ride was like hell but no other choices since it’s the only transport we can get. LOL. that is yong beng for you. heh. anyways, all the LAN shops were so packed we waited for about an hour before we got to play. since there was only 4 of us, didn’t manage to play versus so we tried the hospital map..

we retried one of the maps for several times because we kept getting killed by the tank and finally, when we FINALLY killed two tanks continuously and thought we were going to continue surviving, the entire place blacked out. haha. it was really like instant power loss. all the screens just went blank and everyone started “singing” in the same tune. oh well, probably it was fated that we can’t complete that map. rights, if you can see, people just came strolling out of the LAN shops because it’s too stuffy in there without the fans and aircons.

and that is my L4D clique. (:

the staircase leading to the carpark at Peace centre was so damn ulu. i swear if we had weapons and there was a bit more dramatic lighting, we are totally like in the game. me as zoey, of cos. LOL. i so happened to play zoey in our game as well. should have video-ed down the scene where we were walking and the guys kept making the sound effects, acting as the different undeads. cannot take it..

headed down to Mustafa to check out some things for orientation before we went for supper at the Roti Prata House at Thomson. anyways, i really enjoyed the gaming session. more to come please but the next time, please just meet earlier and we’ll take public transport. *laughs* still, thankyou beng for the hell ride home! (: