the life i lead.

haven’t clubbed since… almost half a year ago at UOL bash? i walked into the club, the entire scene seems so alien.. the deafening music, the dazzling lights, and the screams of all the inebriates. *laughs* but okay lah, i’d say the familiar feeling came along pretty soon. after a couple of drinks. it was definitely not the most i’ve drank, nor was it the highest i got but definitely quite fun considering that i had two of my closest groups of friends with me. (:

the first group, girl’s of the clique.

the 2nd group, a-third of the gang, or half of the Ev*lution. (:

g’s girlfriend, belinda. i think this is the very first time i’m seeing her real life and wow, she really amazed me. hahaha. i wonder if she’s like that naturally or it’s the effect of the alcohol. hahah, she and her whole group of girlfriends were already very high when i arrived so yup, didn’t get to know them before they were under the influence of the alcohol. LOL

after finishing up the bottle of martell that they opened when i was still at work, finally got our 2nd drink for the night. i must say fion and i were waiting for drinks till we got really bored. it’s so not fun to club soberly. *laughs* oh, but i had a tequilla pop first followed by 3 of the shots. both virgin tries. hur hur.


and cheers again! went to video the guys drinking up their flaming lambo. it was 1-for-1 so yup, there was two cups. supposedly, i should have a share of one of them but somehow, they finished up while i was still filming! i got it all on video! EVIDENCE! hahahah. nvm, at least i had a share of the waterfall the bought at the end. heh. but the video was not very nicely taken so it shall not be uploaded.

g’s friend, sebastian. i prefer to refer him as the guy i irritated on facebook. actually i can’t remember what happened already but i only know he was irritated. hahah.

another of g’s friend, shannon. the guy who is kinda camera shy. or maybe, just doesn’t like taking photos without the cap because he insists he just cut his hair. oh well, army style la… so yup, all night i think we were just trying to get the cap off his head. hahah.

and i got it on my head.

just a year ago, we were clubbing at phuture together as a post-graduation party. hahah. this date, we are clubbing to celebrate g’s FREEDOM day! like, finally her exams are over! mine was over since too long ago, i already cannot remember how long i’ve been slacking already…

bumped into brotha kerkie too and i still choose to post the blur picture because this is the most normal looking one. anyways, it kinda made me realise there weren’t much familiar faces at the club last night.

and another picture with the whites. hopefully ben didn’t regret coming down because he was so reluctant to come the entire time we were trying to persuade him. hahaha. but i’m pretty sure he didn’t because it’s like the craziest night he even encountered, right? more to come man, MORE TO COME! heh.

halfway through, realised there was this bloody stain cut. just can’t figure who or what cut me and it frigging sucks. okay lah, at least it only hurts when i’m bathing. but it kinda leaves an unsightly scar on my thigh. ):

brother came over to pick us up (so nice right?), and since i wasn’t able to go home in that condition, we headed to West Coast park to chill till we’ve sobered up and the time is right. actually i should have just gone home lah. cos when i reached home at 6am. from the second i stepped into the house till after i bathed and got into bed, nobody was woken up by me. *laughs* this just shows how quiet i was.

anyways, thanks brother for the ride, thankyou gang for the time spent accompanying me when you guys could have slept more, thankyou everyone else who took care of me. but i know i wasn’t much of a terror last night though. at least, not the most terrifying one. LOL! okay, i’m running late for now. will be back again! (:

you ain’t in it.