the end begins.

caught the movie with the council peeps after work on Thursday. there were too too TOO MANY people i find it pretty impossible to name them all. anyways, the movie was good. better after buddy and vivi explained the story to us. i just can’t really remember watching any of the I, II or III. maybe i should catch it some day when i’m too free. we had a damn cosy ride home, squeezing 8 people in bernie’s car like as usual. *laughs* thanks for the fetch!

my $100 has finally arrived! but nah, don’t bother asking me for a treat or anything because i’ve already overspent more than this amount these couple of days. seriously couldn’t be more broke.. and i’m starting to miss home because it seems like i haven’t been awake at home for more than 5 hours these days..

anyways, work was super hectic yesterday. boss and i concluded that the more afraid you are of something, the more it likes to come to you. just the start of the work day, i burnt two large pizzas and i was having this fear of preparing them already. as if it was like a curse, orders of pizzas kept coming in the entire day. like seriously, the most i’ve ever encountered in my 3 years of working there. so jinxed. -.-” and yea, had a crazy night at dblO after work, shall arrange the photos to blog later on. meanwhile, check out FB for the pics and videos. (:

oh and did i mention my hair got shorter? i was intending to layer it but the person just thinned it a little. so yup, i waste $28 having it looking no different from simply a slight trim…

without you.