been taking these pills for the past few days because the aches were really terrible. i wonder if those are signs of fatigue and if i’ve simply overworked myself. oh well. anyways, headed to school for our 1st logistics department meeting and boy, really have heaps to do. at least we cleared some more stuff away and packed the cupboards more neatly. hopefully we can complete more tasks the next meeting. (:

worked for the past two days and it was really hectic yesterday. groups of people just came flooding in like nobody’s business. wonder what good day it was for celebrations and dinner outings because i thought it’d just be a typical Tuesday. *laughs* but there were a couple of familiar faces to make my night much better. birthday boy, mike and bro was here for dinner & providing me a free ride home, amelia came down with friends for dinner, colleague claudia reserved a big table for her friend’s birthday celebration, even babe dropped by to say hello! by the way, i’m glad i decided to give myself a day off from work today because i still gotta work the next two days and i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be able to take 5 days consecutive long hours.

anyways, some photos from david’s birthday chalet… still waiting for the birthday boy to upload the “official” photographs so meanwhile, a handful of pictures from my omnia, shots from jerms’s DSLR on FB and reyna’s blog. (:

we arrived a little earlier to, supposedly, help out with some preparations and decorations. a balloon bloody burst in my hands and i swear it hurts. a few more balloons went popping after that. let’s just not buy anymore cheap balloons from NTUC the next time. i think they are lousy..

i was pretty amazed by this DJ-mixer thingy on mike’s laptop because it was really cool and made many of us curious to play with it. hahah. anyways, i didn’t photoshop the colours on the picture. it was purely due to the disco ball right beside it. heh.

the theme was “Party Hats” and we got ourselves and most of the people to wear the hats the birthday boy and us bought. well, although not everyone wore them, at least it goes to show that we still carried out the theme.

david’s adorable doggie.

and the adorable kids.. cousins?

there were quite a number of people who turned up and the place was getting crowded. i was sitting on the stairs, i think because they were playing with the cream on the cake (as in any typical birthday celebration), wiping it on your faces. i just needed a safe zone up there after washing the beautiful “facial” off. didn’t want to be victimised a 2nd time. *laughs*

the 1st and also one of the few entries on his guestbook. people, if you haven’t signed, please do it! guess everyone’s too occupied with the food and all, all of them forgot about leaving a mark. ):

after the family and guests left, the rest of us, who stayed behind and managed to stay awake till the wee hours, continued our night with the King’s cup. we went on for 2 or 3 rounds of 2 combined deck of cards and with me as the host, we easily cheated the birthday boy to gulp down the first killer cup. *evil grins* well, at least we confessed our crime to him. LOL.

the weapon which killed us most for the night. woke up the next morning, or rather, a few hours later and headed home for some stuffs. it was pretty dumb actually because i travelled back to the chalet the same afternoon again. yes, it was an East-to-West and back-to-the-East thing. i’m glad i found myself seats for both journeys and i knocked out for almost the entire journey.

the BBQ was the reason i went back. heh. and we spent the night with King’s cup (again) and King’s card but this time, there was more control over the alcohol intake since we had to check out the following morning. i had a damn comfy hammock to sleep in. sorry bro for depriving you of that space. LOL! as for how i travelled to work, i guess i’ve already whined enough in the previous entry.. hur hur.

on a side note, i swear i’ll never buy cheap earrings again. now i’ve got to stop wearing any for the time being because the back of my ear is rotting from the @!&#@!#!* earrings i bought weeks ago.

i’m still thinking..