and i’m wondering..

attended cuthbert’s sis, xiuyi’s wedding lunch this afternoon. well, can’t say i’m anywhere close to her but the family is whom we always termed as our “neighbour” so yup, we can be considered close at least in proximity? *laughs* anyways, it was held at Grand Copthorne and upon nearing, i finally understood why the name of the hotel just ring so many bells in my head. *turns to sis and say, it’s the hotel beside zouk la!*

one of the wedding photos sis managed to “capture” from the big screen. i must say she looks duper pretty in her red gown. well, in almost all other outfits too but i like this best. and i like the montage done by the groom too. it’s a really sweet cartoon of their love story. (:

sis and i at the start of the meal. i swear we were like damn hungry, almost starving! stomach was already growling when we boarded the bus from our place. to think we even had a terror ride before arriving at the hotel – driver lost his way, beat the red light, did an emergency brake, i almost flew off my seat. hur. BEST BUS ride ever..

the parents. (:

cake cutting ceremony. can i have a birthday cake this tall? LOL.

i think the lunch lasted for about 3-4 hours? it’s pretty weird considering this is my first time attending a wedding lunch. thought normally when you leave the place, the skies are already dark. *laughs* and imagine people’s faces all red and getting drunk when it’s still so early in the day. a bit off eh? nevertheless, it was as good as a dinner lah. heh.

sis and i on the bus back. talking about my hair, the stupid mini chopstick totally pissed me off. even before the start of the courses, it just went loose and there was no way i could pin my hair back up. so, had to unwillingly let it down, having it looking like some sort of failed ugly perms. it was really horrible.. ):

the two jokers sitting behind us. twin blues. LOL

went down the bus for a self-timer shot before it drove us back home. not too bad a shot and i think the background just rocks. would be better if we weren’t separated from that car with that glass panel. still, kudos to ben for adjusting the camera till it stood firmly long enough for this shot. of cos not forgetting david’s GUCCI wallet for being the base of the camera. HAHA.

when happiness will come..