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because my one and only sister is finally married (like traditionally). well, legally, they’ve tied the knots since almost 2 years ago. but it’s different seeing daddy walking her down the aisle and seeing her in the pretty white gown and all. CONGRATS MY PRETTIEST JIE, 要幸福久久哦~ ❤

Joyous affair

and i’m wondering..

attended cuthbert’s sis, xiuyi’s wedding lunch this afternoon. well, can’t say i’m anywhere close to her but the family is whom we always termed as our “neighbour” so yup, we can be considered close at least in proximity? *laughs* anyways, it was held at Grand Copthorne and upon nearing, i finally understood why the name of the hotel just ring so many bells in my head. *turns to sis and say, it’s the hotel beside zouk la!*

catherine & kwong yang.

Sweetest occasion

liting’s wedding.

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