attended liting’s wedding at TG last sunday. it was somehow like a gathering with all my YG darlings too.. afterall, i haven’t been seeing some of them for far too long. and everyone looked great that night. well, it was the wedding of our beautiful leader, shouldn’t we all be happy for her? (:

some shots taken at home before we left for the dinner. do we look alike in any way? actually i think i kinda have a strong resemblance to daddy. WELL, at least i got my height from him.. not that i like it but, it’s a fact i cannot change. *pouts*

a couple of pictures from sister’s camera. didn’t bother to bring mine since i wasn’t planning to take much photos. and as you can see in the picture, we have a pro with his DSLR, which means, most of the pictures that night were taken by him, if not, with the camera. group photos, random candid shots & even sneak-up shots of the bride. *grins* probably won’t be getting them from him so soon though. shall post them up at an appropriate timing IF i ever get hold of them. (: