sunday was a pretty packed day. not that i’ve loads of events on the list, just that the time seems to be running against me. *laughs* first half of the day was spent celebrating our dear boys’ birthdays. next half was liting’s wedding dinner. shall update about the later part another day because i haven’t got the photos ready.

and finally, a normal looking photo of us. as you’d have known by now, it’s really hard to get them smiling not-so-idiotically. happy 20th birthday ah chu! (:

made a reservation at suntec’s secret recipe. but well, although you see my name nicely written there, it was our dear xumige who did the job. *two thumbs up for xumige* you see.. i ain’t that kind of super duper good friend. so yea, i shall not claim the credits. hahaha.

the only “present” and “surprise” was the cards shoved into their menus. seriously, zz is such a great artist! don’t you just love those cute-looking botaks? he spent two nights preparing them, mind you. *two thumbs up for zz too*

and yes, from the above picture, i guess my point is proven. there were 3 photos taken, but this is the best one to be shown (although zz never close his mouth). conclusion, we girls are better. (:

the torture of the day came when the cake we ordered, came. seriously, it was unexpectedly GIGANTIC. well, if you can’t picture it from the picture, get your butts down to secret recipe and take a look. hahaha.. we almost did the stupidest thing ever: divide into six and have one each. luckily we didn’t because that exact portion, shared by 2 persons, is already torturing enough. heh, so got the birthday boys to get the remaining half home – a quarter each.

great day, great times, great people. soon the two will become the Bs as drawn on the cards. i wonder what will life be without seeing them for weeks. it seems like we’re all getting into separate routes soon… HMMM.