cannot fathom.

had a soup bun as part of my lunch on Tuesday. after working at Roma’s for almost 3 years, i think this is my first time trying it out. honestly, the taste is superb! but it really makes you quite full. at only $5.50, it’s value for money. *laughs* sales was pretty alright that day. not very hectic but there was constant crowd to keep the cash flowing in. (:

packing up for home after work.. actually, i think brother makes a pretty good paparazzi. and and and, i remembered to bring my phone back this time! everyone was like reminding me about it, so that i don’t have to be separated from my beloved gadget for another night.

random: i told you g loves me. even simple things i say is quoted on her pm!

met up with beloved DAZ on Wednesday. decided to go for somewhere near so we settled for CWP.  i think we’re pretty good to be able to stay at the boring place for about 5 hours..i guess the company really counts.

after dinner, we shopped around a little before heading to the arcade. played bishi bashi and some balls throwing game and i swear, my hands still hurts now. the latter totally made us feel, look, and behave like kids. grabbing the balls (or one another’s hands) and throw, screaming like we’re in our own world.. nevertheless, it was great fun. heh. to think we never used to visit arcades when we were younger huh..

had 40 points from the ball-throwing game and we decided to change 18 for the mini erasers. oh well, call that cheap thrills because small things like that made us uber happy! (:

and that is us with our individual smileys. oh well, kinda hard to really imitate the faces but yups, we tried our best! hahah. a wonderful night with the girls and jul darling, jiayou for the next two weeks and don’t tire yourself out! as for ting, do see a doctor if you’re unwell, take care plenty! sasa is a happy girl now with no problems so yea, no sidenotes for you. hahaha. (:

on a side note, the chocolates mingwei bought from Germany is really awesome! super love the sweet blueberry filling inside. *thumbs up* thankyous so much!

and one thing i like about the new Windows Live Messenger is the group chat thingy. now, you don’t have to add/invite people into the conversation one by one. so long as you are in the group, just double click and *poof* everyone is in. oh, provided they are using the same version of messenger too. and the taskbar displays the group name as well. how cool is that? group chat has never been easier! oh btw, i screenshot the part of the conversation david was trying to “create” his own vomit-blood emoticon. *laughs*

keeping promises sometimes leads to havng to lie to another person. no doubt the former is important, it’s really horrible for the person who receives the latter treatment. i don’t like feeling cheated, yet i have to accept the fact that sometimes one has no choice. i’m not trying to defend myself or anyone else. but the feeling really sucks. maybe, we shouldn’t get involved in any discussions about other people. then, we won’t have to face such dilemma and make our own life miserable. life’s complicated, things around me are seemingly complicated too. ironically, i just want to be simple, away from the complications. don’t ask, don’t bother, don’t talk; can i really do that?