way back into time.

been really quite a while since i last blogged. life’s been pretty good though. had a great party with my MnP lovelies last weekend and we *ahem* got our beloved freshie wasted! *laughs* so much for department love right? oh well, anyways.. i guess i do have to admit i’m already out of that department and that i’m a graduate now. school has started for all of them and hmm.. work life still goes on for me. onto my 6th month now! time seems to fly; i’m trying and kinda starting to love my job. (:

and the weekend before the last was spent at the MOE Changi campsite for SIM-RMIT Orientation 2010. it’s the first time we’re having an overnight camp so there was no way i’d give it a miss! pretty much did nothing there though. but babe & i, still, leeched the shirt. sorry, i can’t help it but i really love the colour and the design! had a great time getting drenched in the super heavy rain, experienced a slight flood and a little fever but it was still great! council is love. at least, it makes me feel youngER, like a student again. *laughs*

anyways, work has been good too.. had a few consecutive nights of extensive OT, rushing reports and rushing events but all’s good because i’ve the great company of my fellow marketing ladies. i actually feel quite bonded with them already. well, at least, they are pretty much my motivation to go work. TLC sessions do tide me through bad days and we always have enough to laugh about. thankyou ladies! ((:

and then, World Cup has been burning quite a few nights of ours. well, my beloved England team is now gone (not surprising). but even Italy, Brazil and Argentina too. like honestly, it’s surprising to see how many of the supposed-to-be-strong teams got thrashed and defeated. so now, guess i can only continuing rooting for Spain! but well, having such a strong opponent like Germany, it’s probably 凶多吉少 already. hahah~ we shall see on Thursday!

on a side note, got back to my moonlighting days but looking at my schedule, looks like i can’t work much too. gonna have TGX, if you know what it is, from Friday to Sunday which is going to burn my entire weekend. then probably work for another week and OMG, it’s our long-awaited Phuket trip! can’t wait for the little getaway. sure it will be great! oh, and how can i forget Jay Chou’s concert just the night before we fly off? *beams* July’s gonna be an awesome month..

i want to be fine.