rest in peace.

and mugging continues, at my same favourite spot. been online a little lesser because i made a very rational decision of not bringing the laptop along since typing of notes is more or less done. not like there’s a tremendous increase in productivity but at least, there isn’t so much to distract myself. the weekend has been a little too much to take but right now, i just hope nothing affects my studies.

buddy & kerkie was playing the erasers thingy while we were trying to study. funny people. but i guess they were just reminiscing their childhood days. honestly, i’ve never, NEVER played that before..

then they started playing the you-throw-i-catch game with the lovers’ plum buddy bought. they did a couple of tries (caught on video) and this picture is the last one that was very successful. you can almost perfectly see it from the direction the plum was going. (:

sweets for motivation. rights, that was a lie. the truth is.. i thought the box was really pretty (IN GREEN), and so, i bought it. not exactly really nice but it’s still sweet..

sushi for lunch.

my Saturday study buddy for 2 weeks. played photobooth on his macbook while taking a little break from studying and i think.. i never got back to mug after that. lounge closed as early as 5pm yesterday so we didn’t really have a choice but leave at that time. anyways, i like this picture the best because, you can see part of the table, and that.. is an evidence that we were doing work! (:

oh ya, as many would have known, i’ve been sleeping with my parents for quite a long time now. and yesterday, finally, i was asked to move back to the shared room with sissy and granny..

the perfect reason would be the two new appliances that my parents just installed in the room. i used to give excuses like it’s really hot up there and stuff like that because i just hated having to climb up and down after i grew older. well well, now i’ve lost all my excuses. hurhur. i kinda wished that sissy could change positions with me because somehow.. i’m not exactly smaller in size and LIGHTER than her at all. it’s a reasonable request, isn’t it? btw, fixing the fan so high up on the wall still doesn’t help. rarrr..

and in the period when the bed up there was abandoned, all these rubbish – our bags, clothes, miscellaneous accessories and all – were dumped there. it was practically like our store area.. so yups, now that i’ve moved back to “stay”, they are all homeless. laying at the corner beside our bed, we haven’t thought of where to dump them yet. shucks, now everyone will know how messy the pair of yee sisters are. *laughs*

and for the safety of my dear phone, i had to cable-tie the pouch at the side of my bed. haven’t thought of a better way to do it yet. that’s the only way i had at 12 midnight, to keep the phone by my side. shall sort it out again after exams. or maybe, hopefully i don’t have to, if sissy agree to change beds with me.

oh anyways, bumped into daddy & mummy in the void deck after mugging in school yesterday. realising they were on the way to NUH to visit god-granny because she was in a critical condition, i decided to tag along.. upon reaching her ward, the only thing i heard was non-stop chanting of the a-mi-tuo-fo song. guess we were all in a loss, only allowed to just look at her and pray along because of the nun who stubbornly insist that they had to chant for hours. i could see the helplessness in the children, and even the godchild (my dad). should have guessed it from her motionless body but well, we were only told and confirmed after we asked her grand-daughter that she was already gone for about an hour. couldn’t help but had tears rushing to my eyes then..

life is just so fragile. to think about it, i’m glad i visited her before she got stroke and went into coma a few weeks ago. looking back at my past entries, it was exactly a month ago from yesterday that i last seen her, last talked to her and last seen her smile, seen her alive. well, at least she is free from all the sufferings and pain now. i know.. that she’s peacefully gone. goodbye..

now, back to reality, back to studies. first paper in 2 days’ time but i’m not even in the least prepared. screw the individual project results. my aim for HD just pretty safely flew away from me. sigh.

and that is life.