it’s 5am and i’ve just completed the whole set of about 80 MCQs for BF for the 3rd time. i wonder why some of the questions still look unfamiliar when i’ve been attempting them for so many times. oh well. it’s like 3 more hours before my alarm clock is going to ring but i’m not even sleepy at all. 6 more hours to be where i need to be for the day – studio at South Bridge road, and about 10 more hours to the BF test. hur hur, must be overwhelmed by finance and numbers that i suddenly feel so calculative in this entry. anyways, body clock seems pretty screwed up recently which i’ve no idea why. i wonder what internet, particularly MSN, has done to me. i think i’ve been nocturnalised! *laughs* well, with the energy i’m having now, i suppose i could be a little more productive and do some projects. come, wish me some luck.

don’t see, don’t hear, don’t bother thinking.