it hurts..

wanted to take a 30-minute power nap at 8am but i accidentally knocked out for 1.5-hours. and that close-to-nothing sleep made my day even worse. rushed out of house to the studio which actually, i’ve no idea what i was doing there but oh well.. i had fun looking at the pretty people getting dressed up and doing their shoots. anyways, mummy was so worried for me when she saw me wide awake in the morning that she forced me to drink some ginseng tea.

and i had the breads mummy baked ytd for breakfast today.

rushed back to school for BF test which was like a breeze. 20 questions, and 19 of them was repeated from the practice questions. babe and i were like smiling to ourselves secretly while we flipped through the paper. literally got the paper done in like less than 10 minutes but because of some screwed-up non-tallying attendance thingy, we were made to stay in the LT throughout the entire 1 hour 15 minutes. how dumb. but well, was like knocking out again while waiting just that not in a comfy position.

finished up the SSCS report after class but i must say my mind was already quite shut down by then. stared blank and spaced out, i was pretty sure i didn’t contribute at all. oh well, touched up a little here and there, at least I THINK it’s all quite done now! gotta get it printed out and binded tmr and YES, it’s another deadline down! anyways, lovely daddy offered to fetch me home cos mummy was afraid i’d just faint somewhere on the way home. i feel so spoilt these days.

babe’s birthday invitation card! that’s the thing only a sweet girl like babe can do lah. personalised pop-up thingy somemore. and it’s really pretty, isn’t it? (:

also, a scrapbooking piece she did for all of us. seriously, i don’t know where she gets the time and energy to do all these man! but well, pretty looking forward to the basic scrapbooking class this coming friday as well as whatever activities kartsy will be planning to have. that’s probably the only things worth looking forward to for this week.

to have to pretend i’m alright.