if you think you’re worth it,

having too many vowels in your name ain’t good. see, my FULL name is like only worth 19 points on scrabble. how sad. *laughs* anyways, (finally) handed in our SSCS report and the class ended like duper early. rotted in the lab till buddy came and we played some board games in the council room while waiting for the others to head to halo bar. i’ve no idea what occasion it was for but i just followed them for awhile before daddy came to pick me up for home. shan’t talk about the tiny argument i had with him to try to get out of house again the same night but i must say, i didn’t have a good night at home for another reason. wished i was out instead! went to bed at like 4am and was feeling just a little disappointed. ):

setting up the monkey game. to be honest, i actually don’t know the name of the game and it’s the first time i’m playing it! pretty cute though but once is enough because the setting up is really a waste of time. wonders who it actually belongs to anyways..

i had the MOST monkeys! and i want to believe that i am the winner because of that. nopes, don’t tell me the player with the LEAST monkeys is the winner because i don’t care. hahahahaha.

carried on with the finger twister and boy, it hurt my hands plenty. my fingers were literally twisted around and i am no where near enjoying it! hahaha, i think the life size normal twister is more fun lah…

btw, buddy was damn persistent lah, no matter how impossible it seemed for him to do whatever i spun, he did it! and after twisting his fingers with isabelle, he still won. gosh.. take my hats off him man! LOL

ran out of games in the council room so went over to the gym to borrow scrabble. i can’t even rmb how long i haven’t played this game. probably the last time was when i was still a secondary school student? but anyways, this new one with the timed challenge was quite fun. just that, i really have to admit i suck at it. ):

this was formed halfway through the game. too lazy to even count the points after that because it was quite obvious who won and who lost. i think the best word i formed, though, was METEOR. (:

check out teddy with his new hairstyle. i think he looks a tad younger (again) now. and looking at the way he plays his PSP, we just had to comment, “that’s it dot com!”. oh if you haven’t, you might want to check out this “anonymously”-created blog called thatsitdotcom because….. THAT’S IT! hahaha.

on a sidenote, i guess i really could whine all night but sometimes, we don’t get to choose or even have the right to decide on certain things. it’s just all but pretty meant to be. rights, i’m feeling pretty lethargic from all the baking with g just now but stay tuned for my food-picture-heavy post soon! (:

fight till the end!