unappreciated somehow,

another day off from school, self-declare off from projects and other stressful stuff. headed to IMM with g to shop a little. didn’t manage to find what i needed to for BASH logistics but i definitely had a splendid time whining and pouring all my miseries to g. hope i didn’t bore her to death. i think from the very second i met her until she left my place, i didn’t stop talking. heh. anyways, bought some ingredients from NTUC and headed home for our baking session. (:

settled our stomach with these instant noodles first before we could start on anything. i must say it’s a cheap AND lazy meal. *laughs*

mummy’s recipe in chinese and my badly translated one.

prepared the ingredients!

on the way to g’s decent batter.

crack some eggs in.

and stir stir stir!

then, sift some flour in..

raining flour. we kept snapping and snapping pictures while we crack the eggs and sift the flour and thought we could catch nice shots of the moments but hurhur, not very pretty ones actually.. check them out on my FB album. (:

now, put the batter into the cups and off they go into the oven!

first batch out, muffins looking so mini because we’ve no idea how much to put and our estimation failed badly. *laughs* but okay lah, the decent batter produced some decent food, whatever it looks like, still has a decent taste.

the subsequent batches looked a little better, and then a little worse, and then better again. in short, they were all very random looking. most of them was…. a little too small. maybe the cups were just too big lah. *trying to find excuses to justify our mistakes*

added some cocoa powder for additional taste.

and a little colour.

there, our final cups. ate a few when they were freshly out of the oven and i kinda got sick of it already. i actually don’t know it they taste good because sissy says they don’t look appetizing. daddy just commented they were too small but well well well, next time, we shall make big gigantic ones, okay g? ((:

on a side note, i’ve finally gotten myself a new pair of running shoes. it’s some rubbish brand call ANTA but seriously, i don’t really care so long as they protect my legs. anyways, haven’t got a proper one since ages ago. have been living on my poor nike sneakers which is nowhere near the purpose for running. and yes, if you noticed, this one has streaks of LIME GREEN which made me so in love with it. heh. let’s go for some squash, g, i can run properly now! and after this freaking month is over, i shall go for my night jogs again. i miss running…

because girlfriends can take your bitching and bitch with you. because sisters can understand your feelings and feel for you. because buddies are always there and they care for you. because parents are parents and they dote on you. because blogs are forever and they are an almost-perfect avenue to express your whatevers. because there’s always someone worth you smiling for. because there’s no other lives like yeetsehwee’s. because, i am feeling random right now, that’s why i am loved. so much for self-encouragement. HAHAHA (:

i rest my case. (: