tired of faking.

feels like i haven’t been home for days or maybe, just not long enough to feel at home. weekends was like totally fully well spent to the max without any work stuff which, right now, i’m experiencing the consequences of it. this week and the next seems like so tough to go through and i suppose i will have to take a break from my little space here until i free up more time for myself. just hope everything (especially bash stuff) goes well now. gotta squeeze some time for projects as well.

many things ain’t going well recently. i can’t help but cry at thoughts like this. idk what to believe but if whatever we are guessing is true, i really don’t want to know and i’d rather not know. that’s why i always believe ignorance is bliss at times. thankfully i still have great friends and buddies around with me. thankyou all for making my life and days still worth smiling. you know who you are! (:
getting unfamiliar.