first and foremost, photo credits to babe, keith, gab and jillian. i suppose there are a lot more photos but it’s going to be quite a long wait for them to ALL be up on facebook huh? in any case, spent 2 days and 2 nights at the external chalet. headed down to zhaoting’s place on Wednesday afternoon first to leech a ride from bernie over. ((:

not much memory of what was happening when we reached but somehow, the chalet was pretty free and easy. different games were going on at different areas of the place, BBQ was on the whole night with two poor lads doing all the hardwork and everyone going back there for food and more food. haha.

played bridge for a couple of hours and we celebrated pretty misha’s birthday in one of the rooms just few minutes before the day ended.

had a group photo taken and that was when we heard this scary crack sound from the bed. hahaha. think this bed ain’t strong enough to take all our weights unlike that pretty one in Amara resort. *laughs*

most of the people headed to OCH and Changi Village while we stayed behind to laze around and play more games. played jenga block games. i almost made the whole thing topple but i’m glad robbin did it first. HAHAH. save me the trouble of picking all the blocks up.

a group of them continued the night with poker. there was this funny period of time when i was searching high and low for babe without realising she was in one of the rooms i ENTERED and left. so yea, drained of all energy without having her around, i emo-ed a little at the windows. *laughs*

then DJ johnny invited me into chouk where they were starting the drinking games. hahaha. oh well, then it was babe’s turn to look for me and that’s when i realised where she had been for the past half an hour.

as usual, teddy went really high. probably whether he drank or not didn’t matter but.. he really did drink a lot! imagine having the king’s cup that’s mixed with 3 different types of PURE vodka, without any mixer. i guess i would have just died on the spot. haha. my cup was not much better thanks to the BIG FRIENDLY GIANT for putting so minimal mixer. hmms..

continued another round of drinking with a couple of people outside the room with guessing games. babe joined in as well! heh, so rare again right?

with gab and shaun. and as you can see, that guy is totally gone already. he was literally snatching to drink and pouring the vodka into his mouth. it was so fast that he didn’t need to drink as long to get drunk. hahah.

with teck, the duper small eyes!

with gab before we were completely gone. went into chouk again after that where we jumped and danced around the room. the last thing i rmb was gab spinning me around and me getting all giddy. i swear it was damn exciting, like a roller coaster ride. HAHA. then they said it was hard to figure if i was laughing or crying but i suppose i was doing both because it was really scary although fun. thank you gabriel ee for the “fun” anyways! guess it pretty bad for him having to puke after that. hahaha.

the HIGH peeps inside chouk.

the following day was spent lazing around as usual. i was waking up and sleeping for a couple of times after bathing and eating. call me a pig but that’s what you do when there isn’t much to do anyways. then, we spent the afternoon playing dai dee while the rest played the games SR planned. following that was a duper long gossip session. alrights, shall skip the details eh? ((:

had a great dinner provided, thanks SR! ((:

intended to leech a ride on teck’s van or bernie’s car to go home that night but i decided to stay on anyways for the drinks. yes, i know i’m such a jiu gui. but well! there wasn’t much alcohol left and we had to head out to buy some more. haha. the night was pretty hilarious with weijie doing the big fish stuff and blabbering nonsense.

well then, cabbed home with terry in the morning. all in all, the chalet was pretty good. a great celebration for the ending of exams. many thanks to the SR peeps for organising and everyone who made it possible. ((: