finally FINALLY met up with my darling DAZ after so so long. the last time the 4 of us met together was like even before i started school. now that my semester has kinda ended, can you imagine how long that is? but we didn’t had much time to spend before the night ended so it was just a short session.

dear raisa overslept and we made us all so so so worried with her not answering the calls and all. she was late for like an hour which was so unlike her! ps: if it was ting that’s SO late, we wouldn’t really be surprised. HAHAH jkjk. anyways, we decided to meet somewhere near – the old school coffeeshop! had always wanted to meet there again where our dear school was. ((:

celebrated ting’s birthday. a very very very belated one. fyi, her birthday was on the 10th of September. hahah. just a very simple small cheater cake but still, you know we love you my dear! ((:

believe it or not, it was my very first time using parking coupons! was so afraid i’d tear off the wrong tab or something. do your maths and that’s how long we spent at the coffeeshop before moving on to the next place.

we thought for quite long before thinking of a perfect place – swimming pool by raisa’s condo! but sadly, had a bad encounter with the security guards and we had to leave.

impromptu, we headed to the roof of a multi-storey carpark beside the condo where we chatted for a little while more. then, there has to be this freaky resident who kept shining his torchlight on us! was so irritated and not wanting to get into trouble, we decided to head home. it was pretty late by then anyways.

sent my girls home and i’m really REALLY sorry you girls had to see the very very very bad side of driver yee. somemore, this is the first ever time i’m driving them after 10 months of acquiring the license. ): well, i guess most other people who were my passengers before had seen it too but i swear, this was the worst! hahah. guess i really need more practice and controlling of my emotions before i can be a good driver. but somehow, i’m really starting to hate dislike driving.. HMM.

so many things left unshared and incomplete. hopefully we can meet up again real soon and for a longer time! LOVES.