the bet is over,

working on Saturdays are, as usual, fun and so much better than Fridays. too bad, i don’t have much opportunities like that. hahah. lunch was prepared by claudia and chen ling, superb yummy. i think i really REALLY should learn how to cook soon. if not, i’ve no idea how i can survive in future. oh wells. anyways, i had a good weekend spent with my fellow Ev*lutioners. (:

snacking at work is inevitable and this is one of our favourite DIY dishes. firstly, slice the shitake mushrooms and place it on a plate like that. sprinkle lots of salt on top and bake it in the oven till dry and slightly crispy. then, it’s ready for consumption! heh.

cravings are also hard to avoid sometimes. and since there were 3 of us, decided to chip in a little and share money for ice cream from our neighbour store! i super love the salted caramel cheesecake, granny’s favourite and summer berries! vanilla is still my utmost favourite though, be sure to try these favours if you happen to drop by any day. (:

after a hard day at work, rewarded ourselves with a gigantic bowl of tom yam soup each, cooked by claudia also. i swear it was damn spicy but tasted really good! we all agreed that the spicy taste was damn 爽! *slurps*

back home to bathe before heading down to amelia’s place for a stayover. had these sinful sweet treats for supper as well as packets of potato chips. tell me how not to get fat?! hahaha.

started our game of monopoly and i guess, for the first time, i played the game so competitively and for so long! it was a really fun one though. all the stacking of houses and building of hotels, trying to avoid all the dangerous streets, making people bankrupt, countless number of visits to the jail and all…

after a couple of hours, ferlyna and i succeeded in making all the others bankrupt and leaving their assets to us. *evil grins* i don’t know what made us do it but we actually continued playing for an hour or two, just two of us. paying each other the rent of dropping by each other’s property in thousands and finally, she lost her assets to me as well. hahaha.

and so, the guys gave up and played mahjong instead. surprisingly, we didn’t drink at all but got high on coke somehow. guess it’s the effect of not enough sleep. i forgot how but i eventually fell asleep at i think 5am or somewhere near.

woke up in the morning and i caught these two shows on Star Movies while waiting for the others to be up. i think it was about lunchtime by then and we headed to Hua Jing to appease our hungry stomach before ame drove us down to AMK hub. it was a pretty wasted trip which i shall not talk about. (:

back to an NTUC somewhere near for some grocery shopping for dinner which we, impromptu-ly, decided to prepare for ourselves.

i snapped quite a handful of pictures while everyone was busy preparing the food. a couple of videos as well, all on facebook. some may be repetitive but i mean, how often will you see us do such things? heh. it’s really good to keep as memories, right? (:

the dinner! i must say it was a pretty breadful one but all in all, it was awesome and it filled our stomach. we even had classical music to go with the food, upping the atmosphere. *laughs* that’s Ev*lution for you. (:

many thumbs up! all in all, i think i spent about 22 hours with them from Saturday till Sunday, which, i think my parents were already getting jumpy about the idea of me not being home for almost an entire day. hahahah. anyways, congrats to reyna babe for successfully fighting the virus and reuniting with us after a week of quarantine! we missed you. heh.

time to stop living in denial.