after 6 weeks,

met up with g and beng at MS for a shopping spree. GSS has started so long but it’s only today that i really started going to shops to shop and try on clothes. at our first destination (Zara) alone, i already spent like the whole of my one day’s pay at Roma’s. *laugh* g and beng bought a pair of shoes each. heh. i think we walked for a good 6 hours including lunch before we call it a day..

my loots of the day from Zara, Mango and fourskin. was updating my expenses excel file just a minute ago and realised it’s only less than halfway through and the month and i’ve already spent nearly $400. may look like a small sum to some people but trust me, i don’t even have this amount of income (including allowance) each month. looking at my to-buy list, i think i need to schedule more work days or even, find a 2nd part-time job. hahah.

back home and saw the parcel i was expecting on my table. glad that daddy didn’t nag as much as i was preparing for him to. anyways, don’t know if this shampoo is going to work. let’s see if my hair grows longer or drops off in a few weeks time.. hahaha. actually i don’t know why i trust online reviews so much, to the extent that i’m spending on things i’m not even sure if it’s safe. hahaha.

spending like no tomorrows.